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The shelter is one of the three basic necessities we all need to survive. The ancient humans carved out caves, built huts and made stone fireplaces to fulfil this need; they were the world’s first civil engineers.

As such, civil engineering is the second oldest profession in the world, next to farming. When people are looking to build bridges, skyscrapers, or roads, they’ll need a civil engineer to help build them. The civil engineering industry has scaled up and is expected to show a growth of 25% every year. Many modern tools are being used by civil engineers to create reliable building models.

STAAD.Pro is a powerful 3D structural analysis and design software package used by civil engineers worldwide. With the knowledge of STAAD.Pro, you can explore new career opportunities in the civil domain. So pick up your blueprints and join us as we explore civil engineering work through STAAD.Pro.

What is STAAD.Pro?

STAAD.Pro is a powerful 3D structural analysis and design software that offers a comprehensive suite of tools for designing buildings, bridges, and other structures. It is used by engineers, architects, and contractors worldwide to create accurate, efficient, and cost-effective designs. It also offers advanced analysis capabilities, such as,

Dynamic analysis
Nonlinear analysis
Wind analysis
Seismic analysis
STAAD.Pro allows you to quickly and accurately analyse and design simple and complex structures. With its powerful features, you can create models that are optimised for,

The software is easy to use and provides a user-friendly interface for designing, analysing, and visualising structures. It also offers powerful features such as,

Automated design optimisation
Advanced graphical output
Automated report generation
With STAAD.Pro, engineers can quickly and accurately design and analyse structures that can meet safety standards and design requirements.

The Benefits of Using STAAD.Pro

Accurate Modeling

STAAD.Pro allows engineers to create detailed models of structures, which can then be used to accurately analyse and design the structure.

Comprehensive Analysis

It can be used to analyse the behaviour of structures under various loading conditions. By performing comprehensive analysis engineers can ensure that the structure is designed for maximum strength and safety.

Design Automation

STAAD.Pro can automate the design process, allowing engineers to quickly and accurately design structures. This automation can help engineers save time and money, while ensuring that the structure is designed properly.

Easy to Use

STAAD.Pro is easy to learn and easy to use, even for engineers who have not had any previous experience working with computer-based tools.
Career Opportunities in Civil Engineering with STAAD.Pro

Civil engineering is among the most versatile and rewarding career paths, with the help of STAAD.Pro, civil engineers can take on a wide range of projects and tasks, from designing bridges to creating efficient water systems.

A civil engineer who can effectively and efficiently make use of STAAD can expect to make anywhere from 4 LPA for an engineer with 0-2 years of experience, Engineers with more experience can expect a take upwards of 8 LPA

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