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Software collection for the design of water, sewage, gas and other pipe infrastructure

Project tasks are becoming more and more complex.

To increase your productivity, we have developed specialized functions that cover all needs in the design and production of project documentation. Since the design of pipe networks has been our focus from the very beginning, the software provides flexibility in work, facilitates project processes, shortens design time and opens new possibilities.


Urbano combines a standard engineering approach – working in plan and longitudinal sections, with modern requirements of using digital terrain models and displaying elements in 3D, exports to various BIM formats and imports of data on existing infrastructures from GIS databases.

The entire project is saved in a standard DWG file, making it as easy as possible to edit and share projects and make backups. Catalogs of pipes, manholes and other elements that designers can use during their work are available by default, and they can easily make their own as well. The same is with templates for longitudinal and cross sections, tables and labels that can be edited and saved for future use.


Developing alternative project scenarios and selecting the optimal solution is a complex task, but with Urbano it becomes simpler.

To make data analysis as fast and easy as possible, Urbano offers a wide range of tools for searching, filtering, comparing, sorting and graphically displaying data. From the start of the project, it is possible to use advanced tools such as intersection analysis with existing infrastructures, crossing analysis with parcels or functional network analysis. Thus, it is possible to increase the quality of the design at every step.

For detailed inspection of each pipe and manhole, interactive tables can be used that allow you to display any number of data, change individual data directly in the table, copy data, open contextual commands, temporarily mark selected elements, sort data, color data according to defined criteria and much more.


Hydra and Canalis are Urbano modules for the calculation of water distribution and sewage systems which, together with other functions, make Urbano an indispensable design tool.
The Hydra module enables assignment of water demands, assignment of functional network elements (reservoirs, water tanks, pumps, valves…), hydraulic calculation of water distribution networks and optimization of pipe diameters by genetic algorithms according to given parameters.

The Canalis module enables the assignment of catchment areas and offers various methods for the calculation of storm and sanitary flows, as well as the calculation and pipe sizing of gravity and pressure pipelines.

Calculations of storm and sanitary sewage and water distribution networks can be performed with the help of integrated calculation modules (Hydra and Canalis) or alternatively, with the help of external programs for hydraulic modeling. Urbano supports both modes and allows you to view results throughout the program, including longitudinal sections, labels, tables and reports.

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